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History of Seoul Hotdog

Seoul Hotdog is a local restaurant chain that sells Korean-style hotdogs with unique tastes and flavors! Our mission is to serve the highest-quality hotdogs to our valued customers at a reasonable price. We are a local business whose home is in the Greater Seattle area. Starting with the Lynwood location in 2020, we grew in popularity and opened Federal Way and Wild Waves branches.

Seoul Hotdog takes a concept familiar to most Americans and provides a Korean-style twist with textures and flavors not typically seen with American corndogs. The rice flour in our batter brings a slightly chewy texture while the panko and french fry coatings provide a deeply satisfying crunch. For the more adventurous customers, try topping your hotdog with granulated sugar for a sweet and savory combo! Make sure to check allergen info provided at the end of each menu item!

Lynnwood branch opened in 2020

Federal Way branch opened in 2021

Wild Waves branch opened in 2022


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